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About Us

Frontier Ag, Inc. leads agribusiness with financial strength as a progressive cooperative supplier, providing excellent products and services that benefit both the customer and cooperative.

Frontier Ag, Inc. is a full service member-owned agribusiness cooperative, offering grain, feed, agronomy, petroleum, shop, sunflower processing, and transportation products and services to customers throughout Northwest Kansas and Eastern Colorado. Frontier Ag was formed in March of 2007, as the result of a merger between Frontier Equity Exchange headquartered in Goodland, and Cooperative Agricultural Services, Inc. (Coag) headquartered in Oakley. Frontier has acquired several locations over the past few years including Burlington, CO and Cheyenne Wells, CO as our far western location to Ogallah along I 70 as our eastern location. Our north trade area starts along the Nebraska line south to Ransom and Utica along Hwy 4.

Frontier Ag boasts sales of approximately $350MM, 70MM bushels of licensed storage space, with 30 plus locations and over 330 employees in Northwest Kansas. The trade territory encompasses 11 Kansas counties and 1 Colorado county. Frontier Ag is one of the largest agribusiness cooperatives in Kansas.

As a cooperative, our members share in the profits of the company. You may submit your membership application to the Board of Directors, either as a voting member (as an agricultural producer), or as a participating member (not an agricultural producer, so non-voting). Upon the Board’s approval and after the purchase of your first $100 of stock in the company, you would be eligible to earn patronage on your business done with the cooperative. After the year-end audit of the company, the Board decides whether or not to distribute the earnings or loss to the members, and whether or not to retire the equity of members earned in prior years with the company. For more information about this process, please contact the Goodland Office.

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