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Jim Foltz

Operations Manager - Central

Jim Foltz

Jim started working for Frontier Ag, Inc in October of 2007.  Jim has over 36 years in grain handling, marketing, and operations of grain facilities.  Jim's past experience includes managing large grain terminals in Topeka, Kansas, Lubbock, Texas, and 100 car train loading terminals in Shelton, NE, Colby, KS, Wakeeney, KS, and Coolidge, KS.  Jim currently oversees the grain, feed, and agronomy operations of Frontier Ag, Inc's Oakley, Grinnell, Breton, Rexford, Menlo, Mingo, Grainfield, Park, and Sequin facilities.  Jim is also the director for the company's safety and compliance staff and operations.  In addition, Jim also manages a 5 person maintenance crew.


Jim and his wife, Mindy, have been married for 35 years and have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren.


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