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Scott City Airport

Frontier Ag Inc at Scott City Airport offers a variety of Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services.  Aside from aerial application, maintenance,  and flying lessons, we are able to provide specific FBO resources.  

Stop by and say "hi" to our friendly staff and remember we are here to provide top quality assistance when you need it.   


Aerial Application

Frontier Ag Inc in Scott City provides aerial application to farmers throughout western Kansas.  We team up with our other locations to offer prompt and speedy application.  See our main aerial application page for more details.



We have an A&P mechanic recently relocated from Kentucky, who can provide annual inspections, 100-hour inspections, oil changes, and more.  We can also provide ADS-B solutions for anyone wishing to meet the 2020 mandate.  We have experience with many types of aircraft including Cessnas, Beech, and Pipers.


FBO Services

Frontier Ag Inc provides FBO services including hangar rental, pilot's lounge wth Dish TV and wifi, and courtesy cars.  We offer self-service and full-serve fueling of 100LL and JetA, including single point refueling.


Flight Instruction














Want to take in the freedom of the sky? 

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Take yourself and your family on trips for business or pleasure around Kansas and beyond.


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