Frontier AG Inc.

Crop Protection

Frontier Ag, In has aligned itself with the best distributors and manufacturers in the chemical industry.  We have a sales team and managers trained to help farmers work out the best crop protection possible. 


Here are the companies we work with and the chemistries that will work well for your farm:

Dow - products such as Resicore, FullTime, Starane NXT, Starane Ultra, and Durango

Bayer - offers Balance Flex, Corvus, Caprino, Laudis, and Scoparia

Monsanto - we use RT Master, Round-Up Power Max, Degree Extra, and Warrant

Syngenta - Quilt Excel, Palace Herbicide, and Metal II are a few we offer.

BASF - includes Status, Outlook, Armezon Pro, and Facet L.

We also offer Frontier Ag, Inc Surfactants - Captivate and Supreme.


Contact our sales team to learn more about any of these options as well as our total programs which include burn downs, pre's, post's, and rescue plans for all your crops!



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