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Pathway Ag and Frontier Ag Official Announcement

After several months of effort, we are excited to announce that effective immediately, Frontier Ag’s agronomy services has officially joined forces with Pathway Ag LLC in a long-term strategic partnership.

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AgroLiquid and Strip Till

Check out the following article from our Agronomy Division regarding strip tillage.  It not only tells of the benefits of adding fertilizer to your acres while you strip till but it shows data from research done by Irrigation Research Foundation (IRF) a non-profit source of independent research which is located in NE Colorado. 

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Stay Ahead of Weed Problems

Check out the latest article from our Agronomy Division concerning residual weed control.  Not only does it explain how important the application timing is; it also explains what mixing combinations will make your applications most effective.  At the bottom of the article, there is a summary for you to keep on hand for a reference.  As always, please contact your local Frontier Ag Inc agronomy location for any questions you may have.

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Get a Jump Start with AVAIL

You have probably heard a couple of our agronomy team members on the radio recommending that you "Get a jump on next spring this fall by applying phosphorus treated with AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer."  Check out the link below to watch a video and see what what all the talk is about!

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2018 Grower Rebate Programs

Our agronomy division has been working at getting the most out of the dollars you put into your fields.  Check out the upcoming rebate program that was recently announced!

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Fixing Your Nitrogen Deficiencies

Is your corn yellow at the bottom or pale green?  Worried that it might have a disease?  Your plants might be deficient in nitrogren.  Check out the link below to see what our agronomy team recommends to treat this deficiency.

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Gray Leaf Spots

While out scouting fields, our agronomy team has come across corn infected with Gray Leaf Spots.  Click below for more information.

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What To Do About Mites

You have discovered you have mites in your fields.  Now what?  Click below to find out the next steps to take.

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Western Bean Cutworm Eggs

The eggs from Western Bean Cutworms have already been laid in some of our territory.  Click below to learn how to spot the eggs in your crops and how to effectively treat your fields.

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