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What To Do About Mites

July 14, 2017

Our sales team has been out scouting fields.  Today, mites were found in a field by Burlington, Colorado. 

We are recommending Zeal Miticide from Valent.  Zeal Miticide works by stopping the egg, larva, and nymph development on contact.  Eggs laid by treated adults will not hatch.  Zeal Miticide also has translaminar movement (which is the ability of the active ingredient of the insecticide to penetrate the leaf cuticle and move into the leaf tissue) and this allows Zeal to move through the leaf, providing control where mites feed - under the leaf.

Contact one of your agronomy sales team members to help you scout for mites and if you find them in your fields, we are here with Zeal Miticide to "Fight the Mites!"



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