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Hybrid Test Plot Results

We take pride in gathering as much data as possible on each hybrid by evaluating them in different settings; high yield irrigation, limited water irrigation, good soils, tough soils, and dry land environments.  Anyone can sell corn seed, but not everyone knows how to place it correctly.  The success or failure of any hybrid, many times, comes down to its placement.  We know best how to manage each and every hybrid we sell, better than our competitors, and that is what sets us apart.

Atwood Dry Land Corn

Brewster Dry Land Corn

Dansel Dry Land Milo

Dansel Irrigated Corn

Dansel Irrigated Milo

Dansel Semi-Irrigated Corn

Lindstein Dry Land Corn

Oberlin Dry Land Corn

Quinter Irrigated Corn

Stephens Beans

Weskan Dry Land Corn



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