Frontier AG Inc.


Frontier Ag, Inc is pleased to provide Cenex premium diesel and gas to our customers through our cardtrol locations or delivered to you in one of our delivery trucks.  Frontier Ag, Inc is also pleased to offer Cenex qualty lubricants at all of our locations.

Energy Division by the Numbers:

  • Approximately $60M worth of energy sales each year
  • Covers a 30,000 square mile footprint in Northwest Kansas/Eastern Colorado
  • 23 retail petroleum locations with a total of 900,000 gallons of storage
  • 60,000 gallon central bulk lubricant facility
  • 24/7 petroleum delivery available

Fleet Includes:

  • Six 9,000 Gallon Fuel Transports
  • Nine 4,500 Gallon Bulk Fuel Trucks
  • One 2,500 Gallon Bulk Lubricant Truck

Energy Products & Services:

  • Complete line of packaged and bulk Cenex fuels and lubricants
  • Other brands include: Mobil, Universal, Rotella, Amsoil, Penzoil, and more
  • Complete line of winter fuels and additives
  • Professional fuel and oil analysis
  • Fuel inventory monitoring available
  • Accounting & fuel tax reconciliation services
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasure plan (SPCC) vendor
  • Secondary containment vendor
  • Spill kit products vendor

Environmentally Responsible

Frontier Ag, Inc is a vendor/retail partner with companies such as Sioux Steel Company and SpillTech to provide our customers with knowledgeable, safe, and reliable solutions.  With recent changes to EPA regulations on fuel/oil storage and handling Frontier Ag, Inc can provide a much needed service for environmental regulatory control.



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