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  • Do I have to set up an account?
    • If you had an online account with iView, your account has transfered into the new MyGrower platform.  Check your inbox for an email about Frontier Ag, Inc's MyGrower system.  The email will tell you your username (your email) and a temporary password that can be changed once you log in for the first time.  CLICK HERE to access the MyGrower ‘How To’ Guide.

    • If you have not had an account with Frontier Ag, Inc's iView before, click "Contact Us".  You will receive an email once your account has been set up.

    • If you have any questions, please contact our Main Office at 785-899-3681 for assistance, or click "Contact Us" on the bottom of your website to send an email.
    • MyGrower also has an app that can be downloaded onto mobile devices: 

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