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Managing Cattle's Mineral Intake

Check out Hubbard's latest newsletter regarding mineral intake in cattle.  It is a great refresher for our cattle producers on the importance of minerals in a cow's diet as well as how to place the mineral supplements to get the most of your feed dollars.  As always, feel free to contact your local Frontier Ag Inc feed location with any questions you may have.

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Frontier Ag Inc Scholarships

Every year, we award 9 scholarships throughout our service area.  Check out our Scholarship Tab under the About Us tab for more information as well as apply online!

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Third Thursday Marketing Meeting

This month's Third Thursday Marketing Meeting will be held tomorrow, January 18th, 2018.  We will have the meeting in our upstairs conference room in Goodland as well as our Oakley conference room.  The meeting is set to start at 9am CT.  We hope to see you there!

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Stay Ahead of Weed Problems

Check out the latest article from our Agronomy Division concerning residual weed control.  Not only does it explain how important the application timing is; it also explains what mixing combinations will make your applications most effective.  At the bottom of the article, there is a summary for you to keep on hand for a reference.  As always, please contact your local Frontier Ag Inc agronomy location for any questions you may have.

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The Increasing Price of Feed Additives

You may have noticed an increase in certain feed additives.  The following article provided by our feed division will help to shed some light on why this is happening and how long it is expected to last.   As always, feel free to contact your local Frontier Ag Inc feed location with any questions you may have.

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Get a Jump Start with AVAIL

You have probably heard a couple of our agronomy team members on the radio recommending that you "Get a jump on next spring this fall by applying phosphorus treated with AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer."  Check out the link below to watch a video and see what what all the talk is about!

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KSU Press Release: Cooperative Scholarships

Kansas State University recently presented the 2017-2018 Scholars Awards.  Two of their recipients have a connection to Frontier Ag Inc - Abigail Friesen of Colby, KS and Chris Weber of Hoxie, KS.  Click below for more details.

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