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2018 Grower Rebate Programs

Our agronomy division has been working at getting the most out of the dollars you put into your fields.  Check out the upcoming rebate program that was recently announced!

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Fixing Your Nitrogen Deficiencies

Is your corn yellow at the bottom or pale green?  Worried that it might have a disease?  Your plants might be deficient in nitrogren.  Check out the link below to see what our agronomy team recommends to treat this deficiency.

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Gray Leaf Spots

While out scouting fields, our agronomy team has come across corn infected with Gray Leaf Spots.  Click below for more information.

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Western Bean Cutworm Eggs

The eggs from Western Bean Cutworms have already been laid in some of our territory.  Click below to learn how to spot the eggs in your crops and how to effectively treat your fields.

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Issues in the Fields

Our agronomy team is starting to see pests in crops throughout our territory.  Find out what we recommend you do to protect your investment.

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A Different Type of Fungicide

Often times, we think of a fungicide as being able to do one thing - destroy fungus.  But what if we could provide you with a fungicide that does up to SIX things?  Click the link below for more details.
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