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Frontier Ag Inc and MZB Precision Ag Team Up

February 8, 2017

Frontier Ag Cooperative Now Offers MZB Precision Ag Technology

(Oakley, KS) --- MZB Technologies has entered into an agreement with Frontier Ag, Inc. to use MZB as their precision platform. MZB is a cloud-based precision software package for ag retailers. MZB helps growers work more closely with their trusted team of advisors to manage field data more efficiently and provide variable rate fertility prescriptions as well as multi-hybrid and/or variable rate seed prescriptions.

Frontier Ag is based in Oakley, Kansas, with 34 locations in northwest Kansas and eastern Colorado.

“We’ve been working on a precision ag program for quite a while,” Katie Harness, Frontier Ag Precision Specialist, says. “The MZB platform takes our program to the next level.”

“We are excited to have Frontier Ag offer the MZB system to their growers,” Jordan Tackett, Regional Sales Manager for MZB, says. “They know the direction of farming is moving towards precision ag and we are looking forward to helping them become the leaders in their area.”

“The more challenging farm management situations become, especially with lower market margins, the greater the need for precision ag,” Dave Pedersen, Frontier Ag Sales Agronomist, says. “With the MZB platform, precision placement of nutrients and seed will maximize our grower’s economic position on every acre.”

About Frontier Ag, Inc.

Frontier Ag, Inc. is a full service, member-owned agribusiness cooperative, offering grain, feed, agronomy, petroleum, sunflower processing, and transportation products and services to customers throughout northwest Kansas and eastern Colorado.

About MZB Technologies

MZB is a cloud-based precision software package. MZB holds multiple patents on their four-layer zone creation process that includes soil conductivity, RTK elevation and yield potential maps. These maps can be used for maximizing the economics of each acre. MZB delivers patented, multi-layer field management that includes up to 12 individually sampled management zones per field – and is especially useful for variable rate seeding and nutrient applications. No other system offers the same valuable, easy-to-use combination of field detail, data management and real-time communication between growers and their production partners. MZB Technologies,, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wheat Growers,


For more information, contact:

Bryan French, Agronomy Division Manager with Frontier Ag Inc

Katie Harness, Precision Ag Specialist with Frontier Ag Inc


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