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Issues in the Fields

July 5, 2017

As we begin another growing season, we are finding insects in the fields throughout our trade area.  Grasshoppers are starting to be a problem for Northwest Kansas.  We have found that Mustang Max works best to treat fields affected by hoppers.  We are also see populations of mites building at Scott City.  These insects will continue to move north.  Our agronomy team recommends Oberon and Zeal for mites.  Zeal has the best residual, so if the mites are above the ear leaf at tassel you would use Zeal.  If you have to get out early to treat for them, then we recommend using Oberon and just plan on another application in 30 days.

We are also hearing about sugar cane aphids in the south.  These pests move further north in the U.S. every year and are a threat to milo fields.  We don't know if it will affect our entire trade area this year.  For these aphids, we recommend Transform or Sivanto.  Once the aphids arrive, we will be able to gauge the rate amount needed to treat your fields.

Frontier Ag, Inc also has a top-notch aerial division which makes it easy to get your fields sprayed before the insects take over. 

Contact one of your agronomy sales team members to learn more about these products and to discuss what you are seeing in your fields,  and then get your acres booked today!

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