Frontier AG Inc.

From Brad's Desk

Brad Cowan - CEO/President

I would like to start by saying thank you to all of our patrons that support Frontier Ag, Inc.  We’ve had another wet spring and summer growing season.  Frontier received a below average wheat crop with several areas affected by hail and other issues that affected the total bushels received at harvest.  We have shipped several bushels of wheat since harvest but the market is telling us to carry as much wheat into next year as possible.   The management and staff have been working diligently the past 60 days on shipping the wheat on rail cars and to get the balance of the crop in position to handle a forecasted record fall crop in our area.  Most of our elevators will have room for drying, but very little storage room, due to the wheat that is stored.  We have upgraded and added conveyers in several locations to be ready for your grain. The majority of the fall crop will be stored in bunkers and ground piles. 

Thank you again for the support and dedication to your LOCAL cooperative Frontier Ag, Inc.  Have a safe Harvest.

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