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Sharon Springs Field Day

Jonathan Dansel - Seed Manager

Our 2017 Showcase Field Day at Sharon Springs was a success again this year.  We had 70 people in attendance as it continues to grow a little each year.  To kick off the evening, Katie Harness, our precision Ag specialist was there to discuss different variable rate and mapping services that Frontier Ag has to offer.  If you have ever considered variable rate fertilizer or seeding on your farm but just not sure where to start you need to give Katie a call and schedule    an appointment to meet with her. 

Those in attendance were able to view our 30 hybrid full irrigated, high management corn plot, seeded at 34,000 plants per acre.  I think there will be some 270 bushel corn in the plot this year so will get some great data on hybrids built for big top-end yield.  We also had a limited water, low population, low management corn plot for our customers to view.  This was also our second year to have a limited water grain sorghum plot.  With the recent talk of water restrictions we want to have the data and knowledge of what grain sorghum hybrids from DeKalb and Golden Acres will have top-end yields and good agronomics for guys to place under pivot irrigation and be able to manage for 170-180 bushel with limited water. 

If you were not able to attend the field day this year, we hope that you can fit it into your schedule in 2018.  We clear a nice path through the plots and pull back ears on the plants so you can get a great look at each individual hybrid.  We take a lot of pride in our field day to make it worth your time to attend as many call it the premier field day in Northwest Kansas.  Not to mention you can always count on a great meal to be served at this event. 


































Be sure to look for the plot results to be posted on our website this fall!

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