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Kevin Hilliard / Agronomy Sales

The agronomy department at Frontier Ag Inc would like to say thank you for your business this past season. We are looking forward to harvest getting done so we can begin planning for next year. The goal of the agronomy department is to help you maximize your production and reduce your cost per bushel. We are using a program approach for this. Here are a few.

“Authority MTZ program” for all wheat stubble and fall strip till acres going to corn.  We are finding that if we spray this in the fall we don’t have to spray again till mid to late June. Authority MTZ comes with a service policy and John Deere ) interest financing.

 “Protect your investment program”  We use NutriSphere N and Avail to protect our liquid and dry fertilizers from nitrogen loss and phosphorus fixation. We have added a new product to stabilize our ammonia called Centuro. This product will be added directly in to the ammonia tank before it is delivered to your farm.

“Tripidity seed treatment program This is a seed treatment we apply to your corn seed. We have seen faster emergence and a 10% stand improvement with this product. Even emergence adds to yield potential and the product is economical to use.

“Precision Ag program is headed up by Jacob Reinecker in Goodland. This program is designed to divide your soil types into zones and assign yield goals.  Then place, by prescription, the right nutrient levels in the zone’s.


Brewster has added a new sales person. Austin Ross will be joining us 10/5/2018. I hope all of you can stop by and welcome him.


I am always available to answer your questions or listen to your comments. My phone number is 785-953-7179 and my email is

The entire agronomy staff would like to thank you for your business!

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