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Fuel Division

Jason Dinkel / Petroleum Manager

What can the fuel department do for you?

With winter fast approaching, many of you will be shifting gears to taking care of cattle through the cold wet months of winter.  The last thing you need to worry about is if your equipment will start in sub-zero temperatures.   Frontier Ag Inc has several options that should take away any concerns you might have.  Straight #2 diesel has a gel point of 12 degrees so it will not perform during the winter.  That being said, we can blend your fuel with #1 diesel or add an additive to get you to your desired performance level.                

Winter is also the best time to lock in your fuel price for the upcoming growing season.  We have several contract options that allow our producer to take advantage of the seasonal low fuel price we typically see during the winter.  We have programs that will allow you to lock in the price without having to put any money down or you can prepay your now if you need to add some expenses this season.  Either way we would love to visit with you and find a program that will work for your operation. 

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