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Goodland Shop News

Dennis Taylor / Goodland Shop Manager

The Goodland shop has recently acquired some new Auto/Tire Techs. Nick Kyner started with  Frontier Ag this past summer helping primarily selling and repairing tires. I have been very pleased with the progress of Nick’s tire knowledge and his desire to continue to learn new things where he can help deliver quality solutions. Dan Klaus Master Certified ASE Technician has been a great addition to Frontier Ag’s team. Dan has been able to diagnose and fix vehicle issues that are commonly referred back to the car dealership garages. Dan and his wife (Sonsahara) and son (Isaac) are moving to Goodland soon, and will be a welcome addition to Goodland. John McVey a veteran Alignment and tire Technician with numerous other automotive skills has also joined our team. John and his wife (Billie) have five children mostly grown up and out of the house. John and his family are currently living in Goodland; please help us welcome them to our great community.

Mike Henderson, Gene Geist, and Mason Gottschalk continue to work hard and provide quality solutions to customers that solve their problems and keep them coming back. The Goodland shop continues to strife and earns each customer’s business, and also we want to thank everyone for your past, present, and future support.  

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