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Ben Brandvik / Grain Division Manager

Many of our customers have expressed that they want a “do over” on their marketing approach this year. As is often the case, futures highs were made in the spring and summer as crop condition and pollination worries were being considered. Many farmers are reluctant to contract grain, fearing crop loss or prices rising after they sell. We have tools that can mitigate negative impacts of both of these events.

Let us help you with your marketing plans for your 2019 crops.


Easy Action contracts are a simple way to market your 2019 & 2020 fall crops. Sign up bushels and let our consultants with FC Stone manage the futures risk for you. You can watch their progress throughout the marketing year.

The sign-up period ends on December 17, 2018. Enjoy the simplicity of this program and let the professionals help manage your marketing risk.

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