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Seed Division Update

By: Jonathan Dansel / Seed Manager

I am writing this 2 weeks in advance of you reading it on this cool, wet, overcast day.  I hope by the time you read this you are back in the field getting the crop in the grain bin.  At this point I have only taken out one test plot.  The plot was a short season dry land plot that was hailed on twice and still produced some nice yields on light soils, high pH field near Weskan.  The plot ranged from 108-135 bu/ac and had 92 Day corn clear up to 105 day.  I am very excited about some of the new products that we have to offer from our partnering brands.  As I do every year, I spend a ton of time in my plots walking them throughout the growing season.  I weed out the ones that have issues such as green snap, Bacterial leaf streak, and Goss's wilt, standability issues or ear drop and try to keep those products on the shelf and out of your barn come spring.  I also identify products that have the desired ear flex I am after, ones that are quick out of the ground and handle heat and drought stress in July in order to better understand where the product will best fit on your farm.  This information is shared with our sales staff. 

Our seed sales have grown exponentially the last 4 years by placing proven, consistent, winners on your farms and we thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you to build a trusting relationship into the future.  I am very, very proud of our sales staff at Frontier Ag for their continued efforts to be the seed leader in Northwest Kansas.  I am proud to say that we increased ANOTHER 10,000 total units of seed over last years total, which is insane.  Counting Corn, Soybeans, Milo, Feed, and Alfalfa seed we cleared just under 41,000 Units!!!  I am very thankful for the board's approval to expand the seed shed in Oakley this past year, the space is getting put to good use!  

The seed sales cycle never ends as we start to offer programs on your 2019 seed purchases.  Please ask your local agronomy salesman or myself about our popular Early Booking Program.  With a signed quantity order by November 15th you can lock in the maximum cash discount allowed without selecting hybrids.  This will allow you to lock that savings in and we will "carry" you clear up until January 10th before having to write the check.  This allows you to not miss out on the best fall discounts, yet give you the flexibility to write the check on either side of January 1st, once you get your harvest in and meet with your tax professionals.  Prepaying for your seed is still one of the best ways to put your hard earned cash to work to earn 8% or more on your money, many times savings thousands of dollars on your seed bill.  

I hope this correspondence finds you nearing the end of your harvest and hope that it has been a safe one to date.  As always, thank you for your business and may your bins overflow this fall with an abundant crop!  God bless.

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