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Shop Happenings - Better Tread

Dennis Taylor / Goodland Shop Manager

The Goodland shop like everyone else in the Ag Industry business has been extremely busy with tire repairs on implement, truck and pickup tires. One day we fixed approximately 80 tires, most of the truck tires. Mechanically we have been also very busy. The light snow has seemed to slow repairs down a little but we are expecting once again the farmers get back in the field the shop business will pick up again.

The on the Farm Service truck has been in the country aiding farmers and trying to keep their harvest moving as smoothly as possible fixing combine, tractor, grain cart, and pickup tires. I have commented to several customers that I remember when fall harvest seemed laid back compared to wheat harvest and now fall harvest appears to be wheat harvest on steroids. HA!

Frontier Ag shops are planning on having all tires sizes including farm implement, medium truck, and passenger and light truck tires on sale with saving of up to 15% on certain sizes during the month of December. We appreciate our tire suppliers passing on savings again this December. Frontier Ag appreciates every ones business and wants everyone to be safe as they wrap up their farming and ranching needs for 2019.

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