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Petroleum News - Winter Diesel

Jason Dinkel / Energy Division Manager

     As fall harvest draws to a close and the temperature starts to fall we know that winter is just around the corner.  Winter can bring with it several challenges that can make your operation more difficult but your diesel should not be one of them.  If you have ever had trouble with your fuel “gelling” during cold weather I am sure that is an issue you would rather not face again.  There are two main factors that will affect the functionality of your fuel as the temperature drops.  They are the cloud point of your fuel and the amount of water present in your diesel.  Untreated diesel fuel will plug your fuel filter at 12 degrees above zero.  If you are having trouble above that temperature it is being caused by water.  This problem can be prevented by keeping the water separator properly drained and changing your fuel filters prior the cold weather.  The other issue that will cause filter plugging is the cloud point of your fuel.  As I stated earlier diesel gels at 12 degrees and as many of you know we will see temps significantly lower than that this winter.  To combat this issue your diesel needs to be treated with cold flow improvers to allow the fuel to flow in sub zero temps.

    Your local Frontier Ag fuel department has taken several precautions on your behalf to make your life a little easier in the winter months.  All of our diesel either through the pumps or delivered to your location has been treated with an additive at the refinery that takes the operability to near zero degrees.   Many of our locations also blend there diesel with #1 fuel oil that will take the filter plugging point to almost -15 degrees. 

     Just to recap with a little preparation and a quality diesel product you should not have any problems throughout the winter months.  If you have any questions about our winter diesel or additives that we have available for you please call or stop by any of our Frontier Ag locations.

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