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Agronomy Happenings

Happening around Atwood

Lane Woodworth - Atwood Agronomy Manager

A new sprayer was recently added to our fleet in Atwood.  Contact your local Frontier Ag Inc agronomy location and let us help you get the most our of your time!

Happening around Kanorado

David Pedersen - Agronomy Sales

Plans are now being confirmed on programs for weed control in corn and soybeans. The top dress run has  started, and with the recent moisture, many are wishing that they would have top dressed earlier. Not much fertility was put on in the fall, so many are faced with a “catch up” issue. The anhydrous run is around 80%  complete, with the majority of growers finished or very near finished. There are a few growers that have delayed strip tilling, and are now wondering if they will be able to get it done before planting time. One thing is certain, this area still has a way of drying out, so I am not concerned at this time.



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