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My name is Kevin Hilliard and I am the Agronomy Sales Manager for Frontier Ag.  My office is in Oakley and as of April 1, I  have been here 2 years.  My goal is to help our staff be competitive and provide quality products and solutions for our patrons.

I am writing this and watching it rain through my office window.  What a blessing to get such a nice rain over the whole Frontier Ag territory.  Every year has challenges and this year will be no exception.  One particular challenge we know farmers face is nutrient tie up and loss.

In NW Kansas, phosphates tie up in high ph soils.  The solution to this problem is a product called Avail that can be added to your phosphorus fertilizers.  It has a minimal cost per acre 1-3 bushels for most applications.  The return on investment is about 8-12 bushels. 

The other fertilizer issue is the potential loss of nitrogen fertilizers.  We can treat your nitrogen with a product called NutriSphere N.  This protects nitrogen fertilizer from the 3 forms of loss:  leeching, volitization and denitrification.  The cost is once again 1-3 bushels for most applications and the return is 8-12 easy enough.

Fertilizer is a big investment and your Frontier Ag Inc sales teams can help you protect that investment.  If you currently use these products on your farm, keep using them.  If you are not familiar with them, contact your Frontier Ag Inc location for more information.  They will explain to you how these products work and get them added to your fertilizer.

Here are a couple of great links for more information on these products. Just copy them and paste to your browser.

Thanks for your business.

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