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Janet Bear - Grain Merchandiser

Hello All,

I hope planting season finds you well.  I want to talk to you a little about contracting with Frontier Ag, Inc.  As I have had many people asking lately, I thought that I would share this information with everyone.

Let’s start with the basics, Frontier offers several contract types.  Different types fit different producer’s needs.  We offer Futures Contracts, HTA (Hedge to Arrive), Basis, Minimum Price Contracts, and Double Action contracts.

With any of these contracts, we advise producers to not contract more than 75% of your Guaranteed Bushels so that if you have a natural disaster there is enough to cover a buyout if necessary and still have money for your other expenses.

Speaking of non-delivery bushels, we offer several different options if you are unable to deliver bushels due to a natural disaster. With Frontier Ag, Inc you have options, either Buyout or Roll options if you are unable to deliver.  With a Buyout it can work either way, either you buyout of the contract or Frontier buys you out of the contract depending on values. 

If you have any questions about the products we offer or we can help you with any of your marketing program please feel free to contact Ben, Roger or myself for all of your marketing needs.

Thank you for your continued support of Frontier Ag, Inc and Happy Planting season.

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