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Jonathan Dansel - Seed Manager

I am writing this on the back end of a two day, much needed rain event.  The 10-Day forecast is also wet.  It appears that our dry land spring crops will have a chance to get off to a great start with the recent moisture.  

We still have plenty of great options for your dry land corn and milo seed needs.  If you are not going to have terrible volunteer corn issues, milo can be a great option to follow corn with.  I like the fact you can get three crops every four years with a W-C-M-F rotation.  I also like the extra residue the milo leaves when planted in between the old corn rows.  The thing I have never liked about fallowing acres behind dry land corn is often times the ground does not have a lot of cover in the fallow period.  By rotating in milo behind corn you will have almost complete ground cover the following year during the fallow period. With this your ET Rates (Evapotranspiration Rates) are reduced drastically with all of the extra ground cover to hold in the precious moisture in the soil during the fallow period, leaving lots of moisture to drill wheat into the next fall.  

We also have some great options if you want to do some corn-on-corn dry land. LG5533VT3Pro would be my top pick for the dry land acre if you needed root worm protection on dry land.  It is priced right, and has five years of proven performance in NWK on dry land.  This hybrid was 1st out of 20 hybrids in our 2016 Kanorado dry land plot last year.  It was dropped at 13,000 population, and yielded an impressive 154 bu/ac.  How can a hybrid do that you ask?  It will set two ears on up to 70% of the plants at low populations, and fill them both if you get the late summer rains and have the fertility there to do it.  It is very impressive dry land corn with a lot of ear flex and drought tolerance.  

If the recent rains has prompted you to pull the trigger on planting some more dry land acres to corn or milo, give your local agronomy salesman or myself a call so we fine tune a plan that is right for you and your acres.  

Thank you for your business and have a safe spring planting season.

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