Frontier AG Inc.

Message from the Chairman of the Board

What an honor and privilege it is to be included in this informational newsletter for Frontier Ag Inc.  A great deal of pride is instilled within us as members and customers of our local cooperatives that were chartered by our parents and grandparents.  I am proud to be a part of that family that helped initiate and establish the cooperative model and landscape.

n my adolescence, everyone I personally knew was involved in agriculture production.  Currently, when I visit outside our community, I rarely meet anyone with the faintest connection to farming or ranching.  The gap between production and consumption keeps getting wider.  This brings me to another observation stemming from my recollections of years gone by.  There were always prognosticators saying there would come a time when only a very few producers would be responsible for feeding the entire world.  This time is upon us.

It was interesting listening to Ryan Turner, a commodity trading expert, who was a speaker at our recent Frontier Ag annual meeting.  Mr. Turner spoke to the very issues that define our future, declining numbers of agriculture producers, static land availability, and worldwide conflict, specifically Ukraine.  These three things alone put an abundance of pressure on the world food supply. This all leads to what will certainly drive us into an era of higher commodity markets, albeit at a price.

As a member of Frontier Ag, your board of directors and management team look forward to the challenges and opportunities presented to us. Frontier Ag will continue to strategize, streamline, and solidify our position and footprint in the region.

Terry Hobbs – Chairman of the Board


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