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Stan's Operations Report

We continue to move grain in preparation for wheat harvest.  Corn and milo movement has been brisk as we pick up our remaining ground piles.  Wheat has been a struggle with lack of performance of rail shipments.  Union Pacific railroad has struggled to place cars with labor issues being a huge issue in every industry.  

Hopefully we have started a new weather pattern with our recent rains.  Not sure the moisture will help some of the wheat crop, but I’m sure it won’t hurt.  Some of the wheat acres across our trade territory have been zeroed out but the irrigated acres and the summer fallow acres still stand a chance.  Hopefully the rain will continue, and the summer heat will stay away.

We have had several changes with personnel at certain locations and I’m very pleased with our team in the country as we look forward to serving your needs this spring and summer. Please be safe as it will become extremely busy as the planters start to roll.

Thank you for your business and Frontier Ag appreciates your continued support.

Facility at Quinter, Kansas – 3 million bushels of storage


Stan Remington – Chief Operating Officer

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