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From Brad's Desk

Brad Cowan - CEO/President

Frontier Ag’s annual meeting was June 5th 2018 at the NW Tech College in Goodland.  The business meeting was call to order by Chairman Mike Stephens (Oakley) at 6:00 PM MT.  The minutes were read by Joe McIlnay (Colby) and approve for the last annual meeting June 6th 2017.  Greg Daughhetee with LVPF auditing firm presented the financials to the membership.  Jon Johnson (Utica), chairman of the nomination committee, presented the four candidates nominated for the four positions on the board.  Jon also announced the mail in ballot election results that Terry Hobbs (Penokee), Wade Carmichael (Bird City), Todd Schwarz (Gem-Menlo) and Terry Taylor (Goodland) were elected to the board for a three year term. Brent Linin (Goodland) was recognized for his past service and leadership as Chairman and Vice Chairman as he retired from the board.  Five patron names were drawn for a $1,000 equity retirement as the door prizes.  After the meeting was adjourned, the patrons enjoyed a meal catered and served by Steve Evert and his family.

The board met following the meal for a reorganization meeting.  Mike Stephens was reelected for Chairman, Terry Hobbs was elected for Vice Chairman and Joe McIlnay was reelected for Secretary for the board officers for this year.

A copy of the audit is available in the Goodland, Oakley and Quinter offices.

Thank you for your business and dedication to your Cooperative.

Have a safe and productive harvest.

Brad Cowan 

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