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Seed Division

Jonathan Dansel / Seed Manager

It is almost hard to believe that we are already into June, the corn is getting some size to it, most of milo has emerged and the growing season is underway.  Our seed division is busy collecting returns, if we have missed you make sure to contact your local agronomy salesman.  We need all DeKalb, LG, and Mycogen pallets back, as well as any and all black bulk seed boxes back in order to get credited back on your account.  Any help with this task would be appreciated so if you are going to town anyway throw your pallets in and drop off at one of our locations, and make sure they get you a return ticket made out.  

Have you ever considered foliar feeding your corn??  If you have never done it I would encourage you to have your local salesperson take tissue samples around V7 or V8....if there is a deficiency such as Zinc, Manganese, boron, Sulfur, etc why not give the crop what it needs when you go to spray spider mites, the plane will be going over the field anyway so you have a "free" chance to help correct a deficiency before you get into the reproductive stages.  Also, don't forget your late Nitrogen!!  An easy way to pack weight into your ears is giving it a late shot of nitrogen 20-30lbs of late "N" between tassel and brown silk can really have a great ROI and help maximize a hybrids potential, not to mention it help with standability and ear retention come fall.  

I would like to thank you for your business and ask that you let us know if you have any issues that we need to look at in your crops as we get into the growing news is good news but let us know if your crop is looking amazing as well so we can come put a sign on it.  We had another great seed season this spring with our multiple brand approach.  Our LG and Renk brands continue to grow and gain popularity.  I am proud and impressed to say that in the last 3 growing seasons with many thousands of acres of LG and Renk out across our trade region we have YET to have a claim for green snap, ear drop, or any other hybrid related issue...that is very impressive and speaks volumes about the brands and their products.  If you do not have any LG or Renk Seed on your farm this year I would encourage you to let us help select a product or two to look at on your farm in 2019.  

Thanks again and have a great growing season!

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