Frontier AG Inc.

From Brad's Desk

Brad Cowan / CEO and President

The Board and Management Team attended a two day planning session in Denver this winter.  CoBank, our lender, and LVPF, our auditor, were also in attendance.  We addressed current issues that we are facing today and developed a 2 to 5 year business plan for the future of Frontier Ag. 

Frontier Ag must improve the efficiency in how we do business in the tough economic times we all face.  We are working on a study with UPA/CHS (Sharon Springs, Tribune, Quinter and Colby) to develop a 50/50 Joint Venture.  This will join our assets together as one company to allow the JV to offer the products and services to our patrons.   Frontier Ag Inc. will still exist and be 50% of the JV.  The profits from the JV will be split 50/50 to Frontier Ag.  Frontier Ag will continue to pay patronage to its members on the profit and retire equity.   If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call at 785-899-3681.  

I would like to thank each of the patrons that did business with Frontier Ag this past year. Frontier Ag continues to build a strong balance sheet and Deliver Quality Solutions to our owners. Thanks to all the employees for their commitment to safety and service to our patrons.

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