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Petroleum News

Jason Dinkel / Petroleum Division Manager

With winter finally behind us, we can focus on spring planting and soon to follow wheat harvest.  We know your spare time will be in very short supply for the next several months.  Your Frontier Ag energy department would love to help make your live a little easier. 

One of the easiest things we can do is adding you to one of our fuel delivery routes.  This will ensure that your fuel will be in your tank when it is needed.  This will also help us become as efficient as we can with the delivery process.  If you agree to be put on a route, we will also offer you a discount on every delivery.  We are constantly trying to help make your operation run as smoothly as possible. 

Please remember we have several programs geared towards cutting your fuel and oil cost for your operation.  If you would like to learn more about our route program, bulk oil, or equipment warranty programs please stop by any of our Frontier Ag locations.

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