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Seed Division

Jonathan Dansel / Seed Manager

As planters start to turn wheels in the field, I find myself wondering how spring is already here in full swing.  There are a lot of guys who strip tilled really late on irrigated due to the wet conditions in March and early April.  I caution those who used NH3, even in lower amounts.  One of the biggest issues I see when guys have root burn is they ran their row cleaners really aggressive and peeled back 3" of dirt and then planted 2" deep....5" down is getting to close to the placement of the NH3.  This is something to think about as you pull into fields and adjust your row cleaners.

We have sold a lot of seed once again and know there will be guys adding acres at the last minute.  Please give myself or one of our agronomy salesmen a call and we will hunt down something that will work for your situation. 

I would like to thank you for your business and look forward to hearing about your big yields come fall.

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