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Frontier Ag Inc Newsletter: Summer/Fall 2016

I would like to start by saying thank you to all of our patrons that support Frontier Ag, Inc. We’ve had very timely rains this past spring and summer that produced a record setting wheat crop in our trade area. Your coop received a record harvest of 24.3 million bushels... Read More on From Brad's Desk
Frontier Ag, Inc is excited to announce that we are updating our website! We have contacted a company to help us give our website a new modern look yet maintain a user-friendly interface. The website will keep the same information that we know our customers routinely access and it will... Read More on Updated Website
Aviation for Frontier Ag, Inc has had a record year. Each location increased their acres over last year. Aviation has grown to 5 locations with 5 aircraft, and we are adding a new trading area in Scott City with a new loading pad and future hangar, 2 aircraft maintenance shops,... Read More on Agronomy/Aerial
Well, it is hard to believe the corn is starting to dent and and the milo is changing to fall colors already...where did the summer go?? I have spent the last few weeks buried in test plots evaluating products from DeKalb, LG, Renk, Mycogen, Golden Acres and Sorghum Partners. As... Read More on Seed Happenings
Fall can be a busy time for all of us and before we know it the ground is starting to freeze and snow is in the air. The last thing on most of our minds is, will my truck or tractor start? For those of you that have had trouble... Read More on Fuel Division: What is Winter Diesel and Do I Need It?
The coop business structure provides a unique model where the business is owned by the customers, and the customers share in the profits of the business in proportion to the amount of business they do with the coop. Here’s how it works: · To become an owner, you buy your... Read More on The Coop Model and FrontierAg, Inc
With basis levels at record wide levels, the resounding theme I hear from customers is, “Why is the basis so bad?” The simple answer is that the market is trying to contend with a glut of grain that has nowhere to go for a while. Regarding wheat, an overall poor... Read More on Grain Division: Why is Basis So Wide?
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