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Fuel Division: What is Winter Diesel and Do I Need It?

Fall can be a busy time for all of us and before we know it the ground is starting to freeze and snow is in the air.  The last thing on most of our minds is, will my truck or tractor start? For those of you that have had trouble with winter diesel, you never want to experience that again.  Thankfully you have several options to keep your equipment running.

The first thing to consider is that moisture is your enemy.  Water will plug your filter as soon as the temperature dips below 32 degrees regardless of what additives are in your fuel.  So please remember to drain the water from your fuel filters.  Now, as for the fuel itself. Diesel alone will gel at approximately 14 degrees above zero.  Some options are to blend with #1 diesel which has a cloud point of -35 degrees or to add a cold flow improver.  The purpose of an additive is not to lower the cloud point but to allow the fuel to flow through the system at much colder temps.

For many people the best options is to blend the fuel with #1 diesel and add a cold flow improver.  For example a blend of 50% fieldmaster and 50% #1 diesel along with a cold flow improver will give you protection to -12 degrees.

Another misconception is that wind chill will affect the cloud point of diesel.  Thankfully, this is not the truth.  Only static air temperature will cause your diesel to gel.

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