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Seed Happenings

Well, it is hard to believe the corn is starting to dent and and the milo is changing to fall colors already...where did the summer go??  I have spent the last few weeks buried in test plots evaluating products from DeKalb, LG, Renk, Mycogen, Golden Acres and Sorghum Partners.  As I tell everyone, I do not have a favorite brand anymore, just favorite hybrids.  

One of my jobs as Seed Manager for Frontier Ag, Inc is to know our   products inside and out.  This way I can give our sales people guidance on what products we need to focus on across our region, where to place them, what population to plant them at, and how to best manage them in order to increase the chances at a successful crop.  By offering multiple brands, Frontier Ag can offer our owners access to several different genetics from the industry and a diverse portfolio of trait packages.  

From 97 Day to 116 Day corn, our line-up has virtually no weak spots.  I select "first round draft picks" for every maturity range and stack our line-up with products that will compete with any competitive products on the market.  We have close to 10 hybrid plots scattered across our geography that we are gaining information from daily and will make the data available to our customers this fall.  

Nobody knows the products they sell inside and out like myself and our sales staff.  We take pride in our seed division as we know how critical it is to get the right product in the right field.  You can make some mistakes through the growing season on a crop and many times correct it, but once seed is in the ground that is a permanent decision.  

I hope you give us the chance to earn your seed business in the near future.  We have several programs from the different seed companies that will help get the price down to be able to compete with anyone around.  

It is also seed wheat season.  If you are in the market for some certified seed wheat, give your local salesman or myself a call.  With the price of wheat where it is, I know many guys will clean their own wheat and drill it this fall. Please consider having Frontier Ag treat your seed wheat with a  fungicide.  At $2.75/bushel it is a great investment on any wheat seed, especially wheat that is one or two years out from certification.  A fungicide treatment will help protect from yield robbing seed and soil borne diseases like smut, common bunt, root and crown rots, and seedling blight.  You have to look at treating wheat seed with fungicide as a really cheap insurance may not pay much one year, but the next year it may protect say 8 bushel of yield potential....that is a pretty nice ROI.  Give me a call if you have questions on treating your seed wheat.  

Have a safe fall harvest!

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