Frontier AG Inc.

Giving Back

I want to share a couple of extra special donations we were able to be a part of over the past few months and one of them could not have happened at a better time of the year.

Frontier Ag Inc was able to double our donation dollars through a matching grant program with Land O’ Lakes.  Through this program we are able to double our donation dollars in 2 separate categories.  One is a more general category donation geared towards programs in the community and the other is specifically aimed at hunger relief.  This past November, Frontier Ag donated $1,252 to the Trego County Ministerial Alliance which provides a food bank/pantry in conjunction with the Zion Lutheran Church out of Wakeeney, KS.  With the support of the Land O’ Lakes grant, we doubled that money—giving the food bank over $2,500.  During the holiday season, our local food banks are heavily used  and many get depleted.  This donation guaranteed food on the table of those needing it most. 

The second part of the Land O’ Lakes grant was given to Cheyenne County 4-H program in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.  This donation will make sure the young people in our communities always have a program that promotes hands-on learning and education programs to help them succeed in life. 

Check out our website in the next coming weeks for pictures taken of these donations.  The smiles and thank you’s  are priceless!

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