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Seed Happenings

By: Jonathan Dansel

Happy New Year folks!  It is hard to believe we will be gearing up for the 2017 growing season just three short months from now.  Planting season is my favorite time of year.  I am already carefully selecting the products that we will evaluate in the twenty test plots we will have out this year!  If I didn't think plots were important or learn a wealth of information from them, I would not waste our time putting them out.  Unlike many of our competitors we do not sell hybrids because they look like a winner based off of ratings from a seed guide.  We owe it to our customers to know the products we are selling, inside and out; drought tolerance, ability to handle challenging soils, tolerance to yield robbing diseases, stalk strength, ear height, dry down, ability to maximize limited irrigation, response to population, ear flex, etc.  Throughout the growing season the plots are evaluated and some new release hybrids will "make the cut" and some will not.  I had several new hybrids I was excited about last summer and had high hopes for but many of them got the ax after finding 10-25% green snap in after the terrible winds went through.  That is a really easy way for a product to get kicked to the curb when I am the one evaluating.  A grower cannot afford 10-25% of the plants aborting the ear, especially in a $3 corn market.  That's not good enough for me, and dang sure not good enough for you.

If you bought your seed from Frontier Ag Inc this year, rest assured that you will have winners on your farm.  There are many things out of our control once the seed bag is opened, but it is our job is to make sure you have products on your farm that will have consistent performance, placed to match the yield potential of your field or irrigation wells in order to give you the best shot to maximize yields in a tough farm economy.  That's what you can expect when you make a seed purchase through Frontier Ag Inc.  To those of you reading this who have orders placed, we would like to thank you for your business and trust this growing season.  For those who are not currently doing their seed business with us, we would like to thank you for your grain, fertilizer and crop protection business and ask that you not forget about us this spring if you need more seed for added acres, or come up short during planting season.  We still have plenty of access to some of the top products in the business and would appreciate the opportunity to earn more of your seed business in the future.  Please visit our website for 2016 plot results or call your local agronomy salesperson for a print out.  Thank you!

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