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Jonathan Dansel - Seed Manager

With bulk boxes and pallets of corn seed starting to stack high and tight in my seed shed, it can only mean one is time to get your planter in the shop to strip down in preparation for planting season.  There is no better feeling than pulling into the first field come spring and having confidence in every bearing and working part of your row units.  Make sure your bearings are smooth, inside mud scrapers/furrow cleaners are up against the disk and not wore out and sloppy, gauge wheels are running close to your opening disc, etc.  If you did not have your meters ran last year be sure to get them somewhere to be tested before planting season, it will be money well spent knowing they are working at peak performance. 

Wait, what?!?!?!  You haven't ordered your seed yet?!?!?!  NO are not the only one.  There are many acres still out there that have not been labeled as "corn", "milo", "beans", etc....The good news, there are still plenty of great options available in our arsenal of hybrids from LG, DeKalb, Renk and Croplan.  There are still opportunities to get good prices using different programs from our seed partners.  With corn prices low, one has to watch the input cost on everything but there are some things to keep in mind on seed price.  On your dry land acres,  don't just shop for "whatever is the cheapest".... Are you willing to give up possibly 10-12 bushel/ac of yield because you found some cheap seed from "brand X" $40/bag cheaper?  Let's break this scenario down....

- You "saved" $40/bag by going with "Brand X" hybrid you don't know much about

- $40 bag divided by 5.33 acres/bag (15,000 population on dry land), so you "saved" $7.50/ac

- $7.50 / $3.30/bushel corn price = 2.27 bushel/ac of yield to cover the extra $40/bag is all you needed

- 12 bushel - 2.27 bushel = 9.73 bushel left on the table to "save" $40/bag = (- $32.11) less/acre Net

What is my point here??  Get the right product out there on your dry land acres, don't just go with whatever is dirt cheap.  We have great plot data from the last three years in Northwest Kansas.  Talk to one of our agronomy sales people and have them help you select a proven, consistent winner for your acres that remain out there....even in tough times you cannot "save" yourself by doing everything the cheapest route possible. 

Thank you for your business and please call me with any questions that you may have! 

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