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Fuel Division

Jason Dinkel - Petroleum Division Manager

Is It Time To Save Money On Fuel?

           With winter hopefully coming to an end it is time to start thinking about spring planting and your summer fuel needs.  This year we have seen fuel prices stay relatively strong all winter but the last week or so they have started to move lower to a more attractive level.  Right now could be a great time to take advantage of some attractive price levels instead of purchasing your fuel during the peak season and possible experiencing higher prices. 

We have several options that will help you take the risk out of the equation.  Our most popular option will allow you to lock in today’s price for delivery when you need the fuel during the growing season.  We are able to do this with a no money down contract.  So, please stop by any of our locations or give us a call and we would love to explain the programs we have available and how they may help your operations.

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