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Scholarship Recipient - Isaac Rodriguez

April 19, 2021

My name is Isaac Rodriguez and I am a senior at Goodland Jr. Sr. High school. I was born and raised in Goodland, Kansas having lived here a majority of my life.  I am an active member in my school being the president of multiple clubs, like Family Career and Community Leaders of America, Student Council, National Honors Society. I have also had the chance to be selected to be a part of math relays to where I had the opportunity to compete using my knowledge about mathematics. I even participated in football during the fall and am participating in track for the spring. I enjoy passing my time by reading a good book here and there, listening to music or by spending time with my family. 

 I am the younger sibling in my family, having only an older brother by the name of Mark Rodriguez. Most of my family have found a majority of their jobs in trucking and so my older brother has followed in their footsteps of going into trucking. He has opened a business alongside my father with them owning their own trucks and trailers. My parents have worked hard to give my brother and I a chance to have a different life then theirs. My father, Raul Rodriguez had moved here from Mexico with not a lot, but a will to try and improve his life. After he met my mother, now known as Lisa Rodriguez in Texas they moved to Kansas to try and have the chance of a better life. 

My plans are to attend K-State University, and major in Business Management to receive my business degree so I can start working in a business or open my own business after I graduate. I thank you for giving me this opportunity and I will put this scholarship to good use to help pay the cost of college. 

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