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Winter Preparedness and Tips

November 22, 2016
Happy winter preparation!  Even though it doesn’t feel like winter with temperatures remaining well into the 60’s these past few weeks and the heat wave expected to continue, it’s time to prepare for winter.  As we set out on our holiday travels and day to day business trips in the blustery winter months ahead, I think there are a few things we all should have/do, to be prepared:
A few tips:

  1. Have a cooler or fill your glove box with a few granola bars (cliff bars, etc.), tuna, jerky, and plenty of water preferably 2 gallons.
  2. Buy yourself a heavy duty plastic tub/toolbox for your pickup box. 
    • A survival candle, you can pick up one at a hardware store. They will provide heat if you are in your pickup for an extended period of time.
    • Get a small floor jack (a better one than what comes standard in your pickup).
    • A sturdy tow rope, not a tie-down strap, a tow rope.
    • Nice jumper cables
    • A shovel
    • A flashlight
    • Electrical tape 
  3. In your pickup box or in your backseat, you should have a first aid kit (band aids, Neosporin, cut cleaner, etc. included) snow boots, extra gloves/mittens, extra pair of socks, dry pants/snow pants, a warm hat/beany, a blanket, and an ice scraper.
  4. Take the spare tire off the bottom of your pickup and put it in your pickup box.  You’ll be glad you did it rather than not being able to access your spare when it’s encased in frozen slush on the bottom of your pickup.
  5. Also, carrying a couple of old field signs in your pickup box are helpful in case you need to change tires. Keeps you from laying in mud or snow.
  6. It won’t hurt to add a couple sand bags or salt to serve as extra weight and traction if you get stuck.
  7. We all carry cell phones, but remember that each of you probably has a spot in your territory where they don’t have service.  Do not rely on them all the time and plan ahead. Let someone know where you’re headed for the day in case the weather turns worse or you have vehicle problems.
  8. Check the road report before hitting the road.
  9.  ***Above all, remember that if roads and schools are closed, there is no reason for you to be on the road – reschedule your appointments.

Be safe and prepared when winter arrives this year.


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